Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Freschetta Cause It's Betta

If you like cheap, cardboard tasting pizza, the frozen kind that you buy at the grocery store......then walk away now before your life changes forever. If you are here because you love a great tasting, freshly baked, awesome pizza......then of course you know about Freschetta, and that's what caught your attention. I could use this opportunity to tell you about the aroma of fresh baked bread that fills my home when I serve Freschetta pizza. I could tell you about the tangy fresh taste of the tomato sauce made from real tomato's. I can also tell you about the vegetables, and meats, and real cheeses piled on top of that fresh baked crust. I can tell you all these things but it just wouldn't be enough on my part to ensure that you don't miss out on a real fresh, real good pizza. You need to experience this one for yourself. So your next question is :Where do I order this pizza that tastes so much better than all the others, and comes in so many different flavors and varieties?" Located in the frozen food section of your local grocery store, and there's your answer. Just to be sure that you get to experience this wonderful pizza, I have included a link to the website where you will find more information than I could type out in a year!! AND there's also a money saving coupon that makes it an even sweeter deal! Be sure and stop back after you try it so I can say "I told you so!!"

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